What is it?

Many years ago, a near mass extinction was caused by two factions vying for control of the limited landscape. Dozens sought safety from the nuclear blasts in bunkers deep underground. You are a descendant of that group. The hostile wilderness has finally begun to repopulate. Enough to provide resources for individuals set out on their own to familiarize themselves with a world they've only heard about as bedtime stories.

Harsh Planet is an open world game about survival against the elements and environment. The game play centers around gathering and crafting objects from items. You'll learn how to properly tend to your character's basic survival needs. Along the way, you'll meet a cast of AI survivors and maybe share a story or two.

How can I check it out?

Latest Release - Dark Cave

Your adventures have brought you to a cave in search for a rare gem. You find the temperature pleasant enough to not to have worry about trying to stay warm. As you step onto the hard rock flooring of the interior, you feel a faint unpleasantness all around you. Something is off here. You just can't put your finger on what it is. Hopefully that gem is in here, somewhere.

Note: This is a very limited version of the game. We have 1 environment and a terrain area that is representative of a single tile; the plan is to have many of these stitched together to make up the world. The game is in a VERY early alpha state at the moment and we could definitely use your help. Please leave us feedback here.

If you're an artsy kind of person and would like to get involved, we'd especially love to hear from you!

What's going on?

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Who thought this was a good idea...?

Dan Dias

Writer of webs, words and games. I do other things on occasion.

Steve Hatch

I enjoy playing games, writing games, and voodoo. I'm only partially into voodoo which is why my cat is only partially black.


Annoyed Guy

This guy isn't real. He's our mascot.


Maybe you!

Want to join us? We're currently looking for developers (mainly an artist). If you like the idea and design, but hate what you actually see, contact Dan.